Music at HKB in Bern and in Masterclasses

Teaching for me is working with young guitarists to help them to find their own way as musicians in the world
My work at the HKB

-I work with every student on his own characteristics, qualities and interest to conquire a high professional and  artistic quality preparation.

-My work as a teacher has as main goal to coach each Student to develop during the Master a very personal profile as a guitarist and musician that will give her/him the chance to work as a musician after the Master.


At the Hochschule der Künste Bern you can personalize and give your own direction to the Master, choosing courses of

-Interpretation of Contemporary Music

-Ancient Music Praxis

-Chamber Music


-Ensemble Vertigo projects

- Multimedia Dep. projects with live-electronics


-Y Project Multimedia

NEXT Masterclasses 


Liten Gitarrenakademie 2019 

July the 28th/August the 3rd



Ischia Island (Neaples)

October 14th-21st




Teaching is awakening




passion for knowledge


Teaching is working

together on music with different experience


Teaching is exchanging



Teaching is help

a young musician to understand how to realise her/his will, desire, dream, future



HKB Opera Production Helmut Oehring Angelus Novus II